Home Remedies to Treat OCD

Obsessive compulsive disorder has proven to be an illness that has affected many lives. And it spares no one, whether rich, poor, old and young. It is defined just as it is named and is characterized by symptoms of ritualistic, repetitive actions like knob turning, frequent hand washing, switching lights off and on and can sometimes be accompanied by nervous tics such as shoulder rotations, arm extensions, facial expressions and a host of other habits and tics. It is followed by anxious thoughts and feelings of panic which compel the sufferer to perform anxious ritualistic actions, which takes a lot of time from the person and sometimes the people around them, in order
to feel temporary relief or a sense of balance.

With the time spent on these response actions, the person’s quality of life suffers because of the disorder. Most if not all patients suffering from OCD realizes that their actions are irrational but they can’t help the strong need
to do these. Having no clear known cause for the disorder, OCD is usually treated by means of medication and CBT. Since it happens over a vast spectrum severity, treatments can be different for each individual.

We aim to look for other ways and avenue a person could take in battling, managing and controlling the disorder hence we shall be looking into other ways that could help an individual help themselves with some remedies that can be readily available to them outside of the ususal drugs prescribed for OCD. And because of the variables of OCD, many people suffering from the
disorder has looked at home remedies and natural ways to get rid of the symptoms of OCD in order to help them improve their way of living. We will be looking at some of the alternative, home remedies for OCD this time.

Limiting Alcohol and Caffeine Intake

Cut back on stress-inducing substances like alcohol and caffeine. Some people have mistakenly turned to alcohol and caffeine to try to bear down on the symptoms of OCD. The issue with these chemical inducing
substances is that once the rush of caffeine or alcohol wears out the patient is left with either a hangover or become jittery because of the amount of caffeine in their system leaving the individual in a state of lackluster. This could cause greater anxiety which sets off the OCD symptoms in high gear making it difficult for the patient to operate and go about their day even further.

Schedule and Stick to Meal Times

People’s bodies react negatively when under stress, deficient of nutrients or when hungry, which can result to an anxious mindset and increased stress levels. Make sure that you eat healthy and on time each day to prevent the onset of anxiety and stress. Low blood sugar causes body stress, aiding OCD symptoms along. Binge eating as well as
eating your food in a hurry only makes matters worse and is not recommended. Be sure that you eat three square meals a day, taking care to chew on your food thoughtfully and carefully.


More and more studies are coming out on the benefits of medical marijuana to many ailments and illnesses. The researches on the benefits of the plant are becoming increasingly interesting to many who have little means to sustain the purchase of medication. Marijuana
releases dopamine in the brain helping an individual calm down, whilst causing the feelings of pleasure and relief from stress. But because of legalities and availability in some countries, marijuana is not always readily available to patients suffering from one ailment or another. Before looking to use marijuana medicinal reasons you want to
make sure that it is regulated and legal to use in your area.


For thousands of years, massage has been lauded to be a tool which detoxifies the body and a great way to just ease and relax the mind of a person. To lower your stress levels, get regular massages to calm your mind and alleviate it from urges to do ritualistic OCD actions.

Regular Exercise

Take care of your metabolism and allow the release of healthy endorphins by means of regular exercise. It is the cheapest and easiest manner to increase these good chemicals in your body. Go, get out there and make a regimen of exercising at least 3-4 times a week. Not
only does exercise do wonders for our body, it also helps distract us from the things that cause stress and anxiety. Get your blood-rate up by keeping your physical condition in tip top shape through expelling stored up energy. Doing so would likely allow you to avert OCD symptoms and behaviors. A natural stress reliever, exercise is also a
good way to take care of your mental health.

Ginko Biloba

SSRIs and other OCD medication have side effects and may affect different people in different ways. One of the side effects of OCD medication is sexual dysfunction. The herbal supplement ginko biloba can aid the patient in getting back to their lives whilst overcoming the side effects of SSRIs. Talk to your doctor about this.

Kava Kava

Much like marijuana, kava kava is not always legaly available in some countries and are restricted in some. However the benefits of kava kava to insomnia and anxiety, some of the side effects of OCD, could help an individual suffering from the disorder to avoid compulsiveness
or at the very least cut back on the severity of the disorder.
Consulting with your specialist before seeking out and using kava kava will be a good discussion to have with your health care specialist.

Gotu Kola

This very strong herbal supplement is a means for treating depression as well as anxiety. It has been used in Chinese traditional medicine as well as Ayuverdic traditions for thousands and thousands of years. Gotu kola is an ideal herbal supplement which helps individuals overcome their anxiety and OCD trigger symptoms, allowing patients to
operate calmly sans the nervous tics and frequent distractions.

St. John’s Wort

St John’s Wort is one of the better preferred treatments of the herbal sort that has displayed positive results on patients suffering from OCD. Taking a daily dose of the herbal medicine allows for an easy manner of reducing stress levels, allowing clarity of mind and
improved mental focus. This can result in a reduction in compulsions, negative thoughts and ritualistic behavior.
You do not have to go at OCD on your own. It is important there is someone you can talk to about the disorder because it studies has shown that there is a link between OCD, depression and a high probability of risk of suicide. Seek out the help of a therapist, a friend, a family member or a physician if you think you or a family member may be suffering from OCD.

Get Sleep

Being sleep deprived can cause people to become anxious and this rate exponentially rises when a person suffering from OCD is deprived of a good night’s sleep. The lack of sleep can mess with a person’s clarity and sense of wellness. Set a definite time for sleeping and make sure
that you stick to it. Making sure that your sleep space is conducive to good sleeping habits is a must. No computers, mobile phones or devices should flank your bed. Switch off the lights and allow yourself to relax in a comfortable bed.

Make a sleep schedule and stick to it. It may be challenging at first to follow this waking, sleeping pattern but sticking to it will allow for a better habit of sleeping and waking on time. These things will allow you to become more energized and noticeably less fatigues. Undefined and uncertain sleep patterns can equate to clinical depression making the symptoms of OCD worse.

Quit Smoking

Smoking cigarettes are detrimental to people who siuffer from OCD, the rush and depletion as well as the addictive nature of cigarette smoking makes for a dangerous combination for those already suffering
from OCS. To increase the level of patterned behavior is not a helpful thing when suffering from OCD.

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